About Us

Baci Cupcakes is an online boutique bakery catering to the Ottawa and surrounding areas, your one-stop shop for sweet gifts delivered right to your door or available for pick-up.

Franca and Cristina are the mother-daughter duo behind Baci Cupcakes. Growing up in an Italian family, where the heart of the home is always the kitchen, their family always enjoyed big home cooked meals. Of course, the meal would not be complete without an espresso and something sweet. And so their passion for baking began at a very young age.

While they both have careers in the corporate world, it was always their dream to own a family business. Franca and Cristina are both self taught and constantly experiment with recipes to produce unique desserts. The idea grew after years of baking and always being asked to bring the dessert to the party. They were encouraged to go into business and share the delicious flavors enjoyed by family and friends.

Their mission is to create classic sweets with a modern twist. A quality product cannot be developed without a good foundation and that is why in the Baci kitchen they use only the finest ingredients and bake everything from scratch. While their focus is on classic cookies, cupcakes and special occasion cakes, they welcome other sweet creations.

“If we haven’t thought of it, and you crave it, we can create it.”

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